Program & abstracts – booklet. (updated May 5, 16:00)

Friday, May 6

14:00 Igors Stepanovs, Four Attacks and a Proof for Telegram
17:10Martins Kokainis, Random walk-based benchmarking of single-electron circuits
15:10Jelizaveta Vakarjuk, Nikita Snetkov, Analysis of Russian Federal Remote E-voting Scheme of 2021
15:40Coffee Break
16:10Jevgēnijs Vihrovs, Quantum algorithms for treewidth
16:40Andris Locāns, Quantum speedup for track reconstruction in particle accelerators
17:10Aleksandrs Belovs, Tight Quantum Lower Bounds for Approximate Counting with Quantum States

Saturday, May 7

9:00Tarmo Uustalu, List monads
9:30Silvio Capobianco, Additive cellular automata monadically
10:00Niels Voorneveld, Stateful relators for algebraic effects
10:30Artjoms Šinkarovs, Rank-Polymorphic Arrays in Dependently-Typed Languages
11:00Coffee break
11:30Māris Ozols, Quantum Majority Vote
12:10Maksims Dimitrijevs, Implementation of a quantum walk on a tree and DAG size estimation algorithms for real quantum computers
12:30Sergejs Kozlovičs, Towards the Post-Quantum Era: Quantum Entropy via a Quantum-Resistant Network
13:00Lunch break
14:30Vitaly Skachek, Some results related to synchronization of data in distributed storage systems
15:00Ago-Erik Riet, Coding for storage and networks with subspaces, Tartu University
15:30Coffee break
16:00Junming Ke, Constructing Update-Efficient Storage Codes via Finite Projective Planes
16:30Gatis Melkus, Functional significance of topology in chromatin interaction networks
17:00-19:00Excursion (starting and ending at the entrance to the University building)
19:30Banquet at the restaurant Andalūzijas suns (directions, map)

Sunday, May 8

9:30Sander Mikelsaar, NB LDPC and GLDPC Codes for Future Communication Standards
10:00Martin Puškin, Unequal-Data-Demand PIR codes: bounds and constructions
10:30Urmas Luhaäär, Optimal possibly nonlinear 3-PIR codes of small size
11:00Hendrik Dirk Lodewijk Hollman, Permutation automorphisms of cyclic codes
11:30Coffee break
12:00Hsuan-Yin Lin, Coding for information-theoretic private information retrieval
12:30Peeter Laud, Efficient oblivious permutations for privacy-preserving computations
13:00Härmel Nestra, ZK-SecreC: a Domain-Specific Language for Zero-Knowledge Proofs
13:30Lunch break
15:00Cheng-Syuan Wan, Proof theory of skew non-commutative MILL
15:30Niccolò Veltri, Finitary Functors and Final Semantics in Type Theory
16:00Coffee break