Covid-19 information

Currently, the number of Covid-19 restrictions in Latvia has been greatly reduced. Notably,

  • Certificates are not required anywhere (except for the employees of certain institutions, e.g.,  in education the persons involved in the study process must have a certificate – but obviously this is not going to be of concern to TD participants).
  • When entering Latvia from the European Union, European Economic Area countries and Great Britain, you will not need to present Covid-19 certificates or Covid-19 tests. The need to present a certificate or a negative Covid-19 test prior to entry will be maintained when entering from other third countries.
  • Masks are also not required anymore, except on public transport (also, in medical and social care facilities) where the surgical masks or FFP2 respirators must be used.

For more details, see the official Covid-19 information webpage and a comprehensive summary here.